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Math & Physics Tutor in New York
I am a Brown U graduate with eight years of experience as an SAT tutor. My students consistently achieve substantial score increases
that have helped them earn test-based scholarships as well as admission to the Ivy League and top liberal arts colleges. I offer the following:
INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH: I work quickly to identify each student's specific needs, and I set about addressing them in a way that respects his or her
individual style of learning. It is often possible to present multiple approaches to a particular difficulty and allow the student to decide which one is most helpful.
PATIENT, SUPPORTIVE MANNER: I have succeeded with students at all levels of ability, in part because I am willing to explain and demonstrate concepts
from many different angles until I see a real flash of understanding. I am dedicated to my students' success, and I always aim high, whatever their starting level.
* Junior High School Math
* High School Math & Science Download a full SAT
* College Math & Physics practice test- free!
* Improve class and test performance
* Instructor is friendly with great experience and communication ability ACT Free Test
* Flexible schedule - weekdays, evenings, weekends
* Affordable rates - 50% lower than most commercial centers GMAT Test
* We meet in either public library, cafe, your house, wherever you choose.
* Great testimonials from former students
Please text Mike l-9l7-584-O23O
or  e-mail:
I will respond to your message within 24 hours
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